Sunday, March 8, 2020

How to learn about Blockchain?-> try it!
The best way to learn about Blockchain is to try it.

Option with NANO:
1. Get free NANO wallet, f.e. https//

2. try NANO faucets to get some free NANO

Option to try with Ethereum and get free ERC-20 tokens:
  1. Create free Ether wallet on Ether website or with Ether app . Make sure to back up passwords and keys.
  2. Earn some tokens with Publish0x or Brave browser (if you have a website) .
  3. Transfer tokens to Ether or other wallet.

More free ERC-20 tokens with:
Uptrennd - 20 1up tokens daily for reading.  Earn by writing posts and commenting. Welcome bonus with referral link:

Bitcoin or DOGE with watching adds:
CoinTiply - hight payout threshold, may require some time if watching adds only. There are options to advertise.
DOGE Telegram tip bot. Boring but there is option to advertise. Payout is 4 DOGE and good to test a wallet.

Other coins:
Getzen faucet- Horizen blockchain. Daily free coins to Horizen wallet
Bitcoin cash - weekly payout, low threshold. Perfect to test a wallet.
Free litcoin - weekly payout, low threshold. Perfect to test a wallet.
LBRY - LBC coins to watch and post video or text content.
Tezos faucet - once a week to test Tezos blockchain
BCH tipbot - boring but option to advertise

Free coins on exchanges: 
Atomars - DOGE, BAN, TRX and other coins free.
Atomic wallet - 10AWC welcome bonus plus 5AWC for joining with referral (17K1PD). 10 USD amount in coins is required for this airdrop. Do not forget to stake AWC for passive income.
Graviex exchange - some free coins incl. DOGE

This post is not a financial or investment advice. 

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