Sunday, June 14, 2020

Donate mobile phone or a PC power to the scientific research

World Community Grid perform scientific research by sending computational tasks to a distributed network of private devices.

BOINC installation is required and Android app can be easily installed via Google play.

BOINC app is very handy and has a lot of customisation in relation to the usage. It can be set up to be used only when screen is inactive, or phone is charging, or at a specific battery level. If is a please to use BOINC app.

Other research projects can be added.

It may be practical to use second mobile or even an old device - mobile or a tablet, for a test. Most economical, however, is to use a regular devise which is anyway switched on and working to get use of it's iddle time.

If you like to join me in this research  journey, please register with a referral link below.


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