Sunday, May 30, 2021

Let it bee : Pictures from Uptrennd posts

 With Uptrennd closing, moving my pictures here.

Population of bees and other insects is unfortunately declining.

The Common Hollyhock, or Alcea Rosea, is a beautiful decoration for the busy city. It perfectly grows on the sunny places, between roads, next to houses. 

The flowers attract bees and here, in this picture, I could capture a busy worker collecting pollen to be carried forward to the next flower. 

If you do not have these flowers in your city, try to plant these around your place!

The beautiful flower on this picture collage is Hemerocallis fulva or daylily. Name Hemerocallis is greeck and means day (hÄ“mera) and beautiful (kalos). Meaning that flowers are lasting one day only.v

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