Sunday, April 14, 2019

Circadian Rhythms, Biological Clock and Health

A circadian (24-hour) rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi, and cyanobacteria.

Biological clock humanThere is strong data to suggest CR disturbances, due to either shift work, sleep disorders or frequent travel between time zones, has negative impact on health. 
Circadian Rhythms: Will It Revolutionise the Management of Diseases? (

Currently, in developed countries, nights are excessively illuminated (light at night), whereas daytime is mainly spent indoors, and thus people are exposed to much lower light intensities than under natural conditions. In spite of the positive impact of artificial light, we pay a price for the easy access to light during the night: disorganization of our circadian system or chronodisruption (CD), including perturbations in melatonin rhythm. Epidemiological studies show that CD is associated with an increased incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cognitive and affective impairment, premature aging and some types of cancer.  Protecting the Melatonin Rhythm through Circadian Healthy Light Exposure (
NIGMS, the National Institutes of Health resources on Circadian Rhythms and sleep: 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Science of attention, cognition, meditation.

brotThere are many information sources related to meditation. Below is result of my search in scientific publications and lectures that address some aspects of meditation and consciousness: 

Michael Posner's articles on attention networks highlight three meanings that capture aspects of consciousness: 
(1) the neurology of the state of mind allowing coherent orientation to time and place 
(2) the selection of sensory or memorial information for awareness 
(3) the voluntary control over overt responses.

Attentional Networks and Consciousness

The three attention networks are 
(1) alerting network, which focused on brain stem arousal systems along with right hemisphere systems related to sustained vigilance
(2) an orienting network focused on, among other regions, parietal cortex
(3) an executive network, which included midline frontal/anterior cingulate cortex

These are described in great details in the work: The Attention System of the Human Brain: 20 Years After (

Developing Brain Networks of Attention

There are two forms of training:
(1) practice in tasks that involve particular networks
(2) changes in brain state through such practices as meditation that may influence many networks.
The developing brain in a multitasking world (

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Best Photo-Editing Apps with AI, Deep learning and neural network algorithms

Prisma (  - transforms images into artistic effects by utilizing neural network and artificial intelligence algorithms. Prisma is based on open source programming that underlies DeepArt (

ARTi (  transforms photos into fine art paintings with artificial intelligence algorithms. App analyses pictures and produced hashtags for social networks

Deeparteffects ( transforms photos with AI and deep learning algorithms. 

It is important to read Privacy Policy and End User Agreements before using image processing apps.

Not only on Instagram, popular photo game and competition app - Gurushots.

Wibki & Social bookmarking

Wibki  - is a very useful service to organize bookmarks. There is also an app for Wibki service called - Allmyfaves.

There are many other social bookmarking services  but these are not so simple as Wibki.

Wibki is also a source of  Backlinks that are used to optimize SEO. Backlinks  for a site can be found with different services. Linkminer is one of those.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Thermal imaging cameras for non-professionals

A thermographic camera is a device that forms a heat zone image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. (

There are number of affordable cameras on the market. Main brands are Flir and Seek Thermal. Both names are available on Amazon : Flir on & Seek Thermal. In addition, some Caterpillar mobile phones have integrated thermal camera -> here.

There are many uses of thermal cameras. One of use is to monitor isolation of buildings to save energy cost.

Genetics Testings

Health Applications

Number of Healthcare and health data related applications is growing fast. Below apps is on my list to test.

Sleep Applications:
  • DAYZz- tailored sleep plan, matching habits, for sleep-improvement for Apple and Android.
  • Ally Science - Switzerland's biggest study on pollen allergies, conducted by the University Hospital Zurich with Midata. Application for Apple and Android
Healthbanks on Blockchain:
  • healthbank - personal health data storage and exchange platform with the highest security available. Application for Android 
Medical Monitoring
  • gmedinnovation - Turn your phone into a personal medical mobile monitor. Track your results and share with your doctor and family
  • - Clinically approved home urinalysis kit and mobile app