Saturday, March 16, 2019

Health Applications

Number of Healthcare and health data related applications is growing fast. Below apps is on my list to test.

Sleep Applications:
  • DAYZz- tailored sleep plan, matching habits, for sleep-improvement for Apple and Android.
  • Ally Science - Switzerland's biggest study on pollen allergies, conducted by the University Hospital Zurich with Midata. Application for Apple and Android
Healthbanks on Blockchain:
  • healthbank - personal health data storage and exchange platform with the highest security available. Application for Android 
Medical Monitoring
  • gmedinnovation - Turn your phone into a personal medical mobile monitor. Track your results and share with your doctor and family
  • - Clinically approved home urinalysis kit and mobile app
  • Hu-manity - Empowering consumers to ensure their data is protected.With the #My31 App consumers can claim a property interest on inherent human data, consent for privacy, authorize for permitted use, and elect for compensation if desired.

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