Saturday, April 13, 2019

Science of attention, cognition, meditation.

brotThere are many information sources related to meditation. Below is result of my search in scientific publications and lectures that address some aspects of meditation and consciousness: 

Michael Posner's articles on attention networks highlight three meanings that capture aspects of consciousness: 
(1) the neurology of the state of mind allowing coherent orientation to time and place 
(2) the selection of sensory or memorial information for awareness 
(3) the voluntary control over overt responses.

Attentional Networks and Consciousness

The three attention networks are 
(1) alerting network, which focused on brain stem arousal systems along with right hemisphere systems related to sustained vigilance
(2) an orienting network focused on, among other regions, parietal cortex
(3) an executive network, which included midline frontal/anterior cingulate cortex

These are described in great details in the work: The Attention System of the Human Brain: 20 Years After (

Developing Brain Networks of Attention

There are two forms of training:
(1) practice in tasks that involve particular networks
(2) changes in brain state through such practices as meditation that may influence many networks.
The developing brain in a multitasking world (

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