Sunday, June 7, 2020

F@H Project 16804

 Now my laptop computes Project 16804 which is not related to COVID and here is a short description: 

Simulation of a potassium ion channel inactivation and conduction. Potassium ion channels are crucial proteins of the membranes of excitable cells like neurons or cardiac cells. ...

What are potassium ion channels?

Potassium channels are proteins within a cell membrane to transport potassium. Cell membrane is a border between inside and outside, that regulates transfer of ions or other substances with often help of proteins . 

  • Cell inside is generally charged negative but rich in potassium (K), 
  • Cell outside is generally positive and rich in Natrium (Na).

Electric impulse in neurons and muscle cells is generated on a cell membrane and potassium ion channels play important role in this signal activity.

This is about what my computer was busy about. I hope scientist will find something new, publish it and help people with diseases related to electric activity of cells or potassium transport. 

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Uptrennd | F@H update: Potassium ion channels

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