Friday, April 2, 2021

Trees from Uptrennd blog

 .....with Uptrennd closure, copy my tree images and collages in t
his post. 

Trees also have diseases and anomalies. I was looking for a chaga mushroom that grows on a birch but had no luck. This huge growing is called Burl.

Burl is a wood growth anomaly but loved by people as this is normally used to art works due to the nice wood patterns of burls. 

I can hardly name another tree with such a diversity of uses : from birch manuscripts written on inner side of birch bark to medicaments and a birch juice.

Betulin in birch bark is responsible for a white colour of the tree. 

In the flow of a spring
Running fast, 
water needs more space, 
trying to find new paths
to continue it's way
Down the surface
Leaving memories of these tries
On the ground 

Tree artworks with AI
Artificial Intelligence mobile apps to create images with artistic effects are very popular. PrismaARTi, Deeparteffects are great examples. All applications can be used for free but there are also additional paid features.

I processed a picture (1) with Photomania (2), DeepartEffects (3), ARTi (4) and the result is above.

Although straight out of camera photos are the most popular, which was also confirmed in my prior post pool, I like AI created artworks too.

If you install and use any mobile app, please do not forget to read the privacy policy and a user agreement.

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