Sunday, May 30, 2021

Uptrennd pictures

With Uptrennd discontinuation as of May 31st, here are some of my images from Uptrennd posts:

Some more post on

Pictures are processed with Snapseed, reduce size android apps.

The mushrooms in the collage of this post are Suillus, most probably Suillus granulatus.

Suillius are distributed across the globe, there are many species. These mushrooms are not only eatable but delicious. 

Although the health effects of mushrooms are not yet very good examined, people consume mushroom, use mushrooms as medicine. The scientific studies for Suillius define this mushroom as a functional food. Which means, adding these mushrooms to diet is promoting health and prevent diseases. These mushrooms however can accumulate metals so has to be consumed slowly.

Here are some publications in this topic :

*- photos are taken by me and combined with imgplay app.

Blackthorn, or Prunus spinosa, creates waves of autumn feeling for me. Sommer berries are already over and now this is turn for late fruits. 

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