Thursday, May 27, 2021

Leisure Infrared photography with FLIR

 Thermal imaging has a lot of use cases in diagnostic of buildings, healthcare, security and protection. 

Here are my images that are done with non-professional camera. 

The lead image to this post is a Flir camera, that is to be plugged directly to a phone. Below and on blog are images of birds.

These are cows - pretty even distribution of a heat

preview not available

preview not available

There are some more images of trees, computers or coffee below. 

The only problem with my camera is that charge is lasting for 5 minutes. Then I need to re-charge. Battery was not good from the beginning but it is an old camera too. I hope newly cameras and those integrated in a mobile phone are better. 

The last article shows laptops computing proteins with the Banano team.

Now time for a coffee ...

preview not available

Uptrennd | Leisure Infrared photography with FLIR

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