Friday, May 28, 2021 & Smart links

There is an interesting use case of 2key's smart links technology and video conferencing with Zoom.

It appears conference host can get paid for organizing a call or a training via Zoom smart session. Here is a link to the main page of this technology (no referral link)

I learned about it from the interview velow. There are more use cases, vision and technology behind 2key discussed:

This is a referral smart link. You may open it and listen to the interview or register with 2key and be a referrer : distribute these links and receive 2key tokens for referring. 

2key uses level 2 technology in Ethereum platform which means no gas for link distribution and smart link creation. 

Another smart link about DEXTF project and protocol description. I can refer only 10  clicks to this webpage. Again you may either open or refer and earn tokens with it.

And there is link to creation of smart campaigns without gas fees (zero gas fees!!!). has recently re-branded it's community reputation mining to Qi points. Below link a 2key smart link that one can open to read about Qi points or refer and earn reputation.

Reputation and points are converted into 2key tokens that can be claimed. 

2key price chart is here:

The price has doubled in last month and earnings looks good although I have not claimed them as I suspect gas charges. I am waiting for 2.0 to accumulate some tokens and start staking later. If Ethereum ever normalizes. 

The link creation is free and takes several minutes to create. One can create a link to UpTrennd page, blog or any other website. I have created my referral link to to experiment with smart links

This link earns reputation points but one can start a campaign to compensate with tokens for visits and forwarding.

Uptrennd | development and free smart links on Ethereum

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